GPrX Analytics

Our bespoke reporting service adds a unique new dimension to primary care prescribing data.

Deeper insights delivered by our RX-3D dataset

Our RX-3D™ dataset goes beyond volume-based reporting.

If you have a "data gap" – questions on patient demographics, adherence, co-prescribing, brand dynamics, or anything below the surface of the reported RX data, try GPrX.

Clever query design means we’re able to take RX reporting into a new dimension. We’ve worked closely with NHS analyst teams to ensure that no patient-identifiable data is ever disclosed, or able to be derived from the data.

And we’ve got a fair few years’ experience in areas like territory segmentation, market sizing, and NHS mapping to boot. Try us.

What's your data gap?


At last, accurate market sizing and demographic breakdown, for any brand or therapy area.

Brand dynamics

Innovative bespoke analysis identifying the source of new-to-brand scripts, and destination of lost business.


Recipient data giving hard longitudinal evidence for number of prescriptions and volume received per patient.

Co-morbidity / indication

What if you knew what else your patients are being prescribed? Use co-RX to unlock hidden indication and population insights.

Launch planning

Bespoke pre-launch analysis of market size, trends, and patient cohort, from national to local level.

Territory segmentation

Visual UK mapping of your sales territories based on prescription sales volume and market potential.

What our clients say about us:

The market report was absolutely spot-on, just what we needed. GPrX really helped me to develop my business by providing accurate, on time and cost effective data.

National Sales Manager,
UK Medical Device Manufacturer

Thanks for pulling out the stops to get us this data. The analysis that you have provided is very illuminating. It’s good to get real world data rather than the usual extrapolations. The data set looks very comprehensive.

Marketing Director,
UK Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Using GPrX we generated an extensive report, looking at how we fit into the market and how our products’ value propositions fit, in addition to picking out new target products for us.

Partner Relationship Manager,
UK Niche Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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