GPrX Live

Prescription sales intelligence, in the hands of the people who need it.

Easy access, live prescribing data. Just log in.

GPrX Live gives your commercial team detailed, actionable prescribing intelligence to help you grow your business. Highlight your key accounts to protect, identify high-potential areas for development, monitor your competitors’ market share and more.

GPrX data is customised to your market, so the reporting immediately makes sense on your terms.

To see the latest data, users just need a login. There’s nothing to download or install – no more waiting for workbooks to refresh, or waiting for BI to distribute an update.

Powering GPrX Live is our in-house data team – dedicated to updating our core database and delivering accurate, reliable and timely data all year round.

We believe that start-ups and SMEs on tighter budgets should be able to access the same intelligence used by market leaders, and are proud to offer an entry-level service for smaller businesses.

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Ready and waiting

Live online sales intelligence, designed specifically for commercial teams and proven in the field.

All you need is a web browser, and a login.

Maintained data, live updates

Extracted, checked, transformed and loaded by our team for all 4 nations, year-round.

We make it our business to get the data built fast and early, and out to your team.

Sector specific

Value added categorisations and metrics that help your sales team have informed conversations with NHS payers.

Customisable reporting

Easily set up custom reports and publish to your team – they’ll always be looking at the latest data.

Practice level

Incredibly detailed data that saves in-call discovery time, gives exact competitor spend, and helps you target the right locations with the right messages.

Market insight

Develop and protect your market share by identifying high-potential areas, and locations losing ground to your competitors.

What our clients say about us:

GPrX Live has everything the reps need. They can quickly drill down and see who's using our products, or not, and what they are using instead.

UK Marketing Manager,
UK Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

The whole point of sales is knowing who your customer is. If you don’t know who your customer is, how can you target them?

Market Access Manager,
UK Woundcare Manufacturer

Now the sales team don't have to spend time in the call working out what the local prescribing pattern is – we already know and can plan our approach accordingly.

Sales training manager,
UK Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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