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For Business Intelligence and Commercial Insights teams. Take advantage of our efficient, quality-assured NHS datasets provided as a service. Because you’ve already got enough to do.

Practice prescribing data-as-a-service

At GPrX, we understand first-hand your imperative for accurate, reliable and timely data. Our in-house data team is dedicated to updating our core database that powers all our business solutions. Getting this right is mission critical to our operation.

GPrX Enterprise provides our efficient, quality assured NHS dataset as a service, ready for you to use as you need. We carry out the time-consuming tasks of collating, validating and enriching your data, leaving you free to get the most out of your data, time and resources.

We act as a trusted outsourced supplier to numerous manufacturers and distributors, efficiently delivering fully transformed and audited prescribing data to their servers for use in data warehouses, CRM or BI platforms.

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GPrX is trusted by major pharmaceutical and medical device companies as the specialist B2B supplier for NHS prescribing data.


We have a proven track record of delivering timely and accurate data to our clients.


Audit-ready, real world data to feed into your CRM, BI platform or data warehouse.


Fully transformed, standardised and enriched data covering all four nations of the UK to save you time and risk.


Free up your analysts to focus on adding value – allow us to take care of the data provision.


We’re committed to supplying efficient, accurate and timely data to help you achieve your intelligence goals.

What our clients say about us:

There is a whole lot of maintenance doing this internally and we’re not a data management team. I’d like my analysts to be more focused on where they can add more value.

Director of Commercial Excellence,
UK Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

We switched to GPrX earlier this year after reviewing numerous datasets available in the UK. We have found GPrX to be an incredibly useful and accurate tool.

Director of Market Access,
UK Medical Devices Company

Getting the data sooner is definitely a competitive advantage. This data doesn’t change from month to month, so we don’t have to repeat our analysis and explain adjustments.

Business Intelligence Manager,
Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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